The Best Colors for a Small Dark Bedroom

Updated February 21, 2017

Transform a small dark bedroom into a space that appears larger and that's inviting by using the best possible colours, which can be achieved by using certain colours that can completely change the look and feel of your bedroom. The colours appropriate for a small and dark bedroom can be used on anything from the walls to your bedding and window treatments.

Monochromatic Colors

Monochromatic colours are colours that are in the same colour family, like mint, blue-green and citron green. Monochromatic colours work well in a small bedroom because they create a harmonious space that's pleasing to the eyes and helps the space look larger. For a small dark bedroom, you can pretty much choose the tint, or light values, of any colour. Use two or three colour combinations because using too many colours won't do anything to resolve the problem of having a small dark room.

Cool Colors

Choosing cool colours for a small dark bedroom will immediately make it look larger. When you look at a colour wheel, it's divided into warm and cool colours. These colours on the wheel range from the purple colours to the green colours. When choosing cool colours for your bedroom, use the tint of any of the cool colours on the colour wheel, such as tints of blue, green, red or purple. Cool colours can make a dark room feel calm and soothing and will open up the space.

Neutral Colors

Neutral colours work well in bedrooms that are small and dark for the same reason as monochromatic colours do. You can't find neutral colours on the colour wheel but these colours, sometimes referred to as earth tones, include black, white, grey, brown and beige. The neutral colours that work well in a bedroom that's small and dark are beige, light shades of grey and all shades of white, such as cream, off-white and eggshell white. Painting the ceiling white can help to make your room look larger and will definitely make a dark room brighter.

Combination of Colors

Combining cool and neutral colours is another way to make your small and dark bedroom look larger and brighter. When choosing colours to combine in this kind of bedroom, use one colour as the dominant colour and the other colour as the accent colour. An example of combining neutral and cool colours would be to use the colours aqua and brown. The cool colour, aqua, can be used on all the walls in the bedroom, and brown, the neutral colour, can be used for the bedroom door.

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