Examples of Invitation Letters to a Birthday Party

Updated February 21, 2017

An invitation letter is like an invitation, only a little more formal than filling in the blanks on a store-bought card. Format your letter invitation just as you would a personal note but include all the information necessary for the birthday party such as time, date, place and for whom. Mail these out just like you would any other birthday party invitation. Write your letter as if you are writing to the receiver.

To a Child

Word a birthday party invitation is as if you are writing to a child for your child’s birthday. Address the envelope and the greeting of the letter to the child. Still include all the specific information about the party that you normally would only write as if you are talking to a child. For example, a birthday letter invitation that you write to a child might read: “Dear Susie, I want to invite you to a party for Johnny. The party is going to be at our house at 3 o’clock on Saturday, September 7th. We would really like you to come. Make sure you ask your parents if this is OK. See you there. Mrs. Brown.”

To a Parent

Sometimes a child will not relay information to a parent. Consider writing a birthday party invitation to the parents of your prospective guests. This will also include all the information necessary for the party, but in sentence form. For example, “Dear Patricia, We are having a birthday party for Thomas this weekend. We know that Thomas would love to have Aaron attend. The party will be at the bowling alley from 2 to 4 in the afternoon. Make sure he wears comfortable socks. We will have pizza and cake to help us celebrate. Gifts are not necessary. Please call me if you have any questions. Lori.”

To an Unknown Guest

If you are part of the planning of a surprise party, there may be people that you do not know that you need to send birthday party invitations to. This requires a little bit more information in the letter, not only because of the surprise but also because this person does not know you. “Dear Mr. White, I am planning a surprise birthday party for your friend Don. I know he will not think the party complete if you cannot attend. We are hosting the party at the restaurant on Main Street on Sunday, October 4, 2010. We are all meeting at 2:30, but another friend will bring Don around 3. Please do not ask Don about the party since this is a SURPRISE. RSVP at my phone number if you can come. We would love to see you there. Grant Smith.”

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