Member Retention Tips for a Fitness Center Health Club

Updated April 17, 2017

Handling the management of your fitness centre includes staffing the club and maintaining club finances. Another duty involves retaining health club members. As a fitness centre manager, you can find different ways to retain members, ranging from marketing to all of your club members to providing free services.

Marketing to Fitness Center Members

Develop a fitness centre marketing plan. The plan must include how you will target members--make sure you plan for all fitness club members. Some clubs concentrate on new members instead of membership retention efforts, according to Club Industry. Give your members attention before they begin leaving your business. Spend time adjusting your fitness centre plan, as needed.

Create Quality Member Services

According to the International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association (IHRSA), you want to create quality member services. Begin with your fitness centre employees. Good employees can help represent your centre. Look for employees who give your members attention and respect. Confirm prior fitness centre employment to see if the potential employee received complaints from club members.

Design a Member Referral Program

Design a fitness centre member referral program. This offers a low-cost marketing method. Make it easy for your current members to join the referral program. Provide a fitness centre discount as an incentive, such as a complimentary fitness lesson. Do not think of the incentive as an added expense but as a part of your fitness marketing plan.

Use Publicity to Keep Members

Keep your fitness members with publicity. Publicity connects you to members who want to keep track of your business. According to, connect with your members using newspaper articles or radio interviews. When members learn more about your company, members can feel a sense of pride and remain loyal to your fitness centre. Some members will tell others about your business.

Add Free Services for Members

Use free services to keep more fitness centre club members. Fitness centre memberships can be an major expense for some individuals. When you offer a free service, you show members that you care. Decide which free services to offer. You want to offer your members valuable services while maintaining a profitable fitness centre. One free service to offer is a free monthly workshop about nutrition.

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