Simple Table Decoration Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Make your table look as though you spent hours designing the layout. The simplest touches can add the most elegant appearance to the table. Use items you find in your attic or purchase inexpensively from a grocery store. Proper placement of just a few key items can transform the table into a masterpiece.


Create a table scape that is pleasing to the nose as well as to the eyes. Fill a shallow bowl with water and float seven or eight candles in it. Incorporate varying shades of pink, red and orange. Add one or two lilies. Use this fragrant centrepiece at outdoor parties or on a dinner table.

Simply Monochromatic

Display items you find around the house that are all the same colour. A white table runner your grandmother crocheted provides a pleasing backdrop for a collection of white milk glass vases and bowls. Fill the vases and bowls with fresh white flowers from the garden or lilies from a floral department. Wrap flatware in white linen napkins and secure with a white ribbon and bow. Place the flatware directly on the plates, preferably white ones. This simple table decoration idea will look as though you spent hours planning it, when all you have to do is choose matching colours.

Elegant Touches

Set your table as you normally do for dinner, but instead of folding the napkins and placing them next to the plates, fold them and place them inside water goblets. Place a single flower between the glass and the napkin. Chrysanthemums and daisies are edible flowers and work best for this decor idea. Next to each glass, place a small bud vase with water so guests can put their flowers in them. These also make sweet party favours. Stack old hat boxes in the centre of the table and wrap the stack with a single ribbon, tying a bow at the top.

Seasonal Color

Scatter a bag of autumn foliage--or items from your yard--over the dining table. Fill wicker baskets with fresh flowers, gourds, fruit or all three and line them across the table. Winter colorscape ideas include clear bowls of ornaments in place of baskets of flowers. Place spruce branches between the bowls to add scents of the season to the room. In the spring, place baskets of coloured eggs along the centre of the table. Spread ribbon curls around the baskets. Use pastel linen napkins to complete the simple table decorations. For a summer table, use bright-coloured sand pails to make a statement. Fill them with sand and plastic beach tools, and place seashells between the baskets.

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