Outside window trim ideas for houses

Written by erin schreiner | 13/05/2017
Outside window trim ideas for houses
Make your house more appealling with window trim. (window image by anna karwowska from Fotolia.com)

With exterior trim, you can draw attention to your windows and make them focal points on your house. A wide array of trim options are available. When choosing the best exterior trim option for your house, look at the style of your home as well as your options to ensure that the choice you make is an aesthetically pleasing one.


While shutters once served a function, in most cases these window trim pieces are decorative. Placing shutters around your windows gives your house a quaint, domestic look. If you don't plan to use the shutters to cover your windows, but instead simply attach them to the house for decoration, you can use shutters that, when closed, are smaller than the actual window to avoid covering too much of your house exterior with your shutters.

Wood Trim

A plethora of different wood trims are on the market, allowing exterior home decorators to produce whatever look they wish with these window surrounding additions. Select a smooth, geometric trim for a more modern and uncomplicated look or an intricate trim--perhaps even with small etchings--to produce a more attention-getting window surround.

Layered Trim

Change the look of your trim by layering more than one trim type to draw attention to your windows. Select trims that match well, such as different size rectangular trims or rounded options, to surround your windows. Place one trim tightly around each window; top the first trim with your second trim option, adding complexity to your design.

Corner Trim

Dress up your window corners with corner trim. Purchase round or square pieces to fit in the corner of your window trim where the bevelled edge between the two pieces of trim lies. These trim additions dress up any exterior trim to give your windows a less common look.

Factory Trim Windows

To save yourself the trouble of trimming your windows, you can purchase factory trim options. Install a pretrimmed window when building a new house to save the time and cost involved in trimming. Or install the factory trim windows when replacing windows to give your windows a one-step facelift.

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