Unusual Ideas for Dinner Parties

When you love to cook and entertain, hosting dinner parties becomes a favourite pastime. Add a creative flair and plan an unusually themed dinner party. Whether the meal accentuates a holiday theme, pop culture or a food theme, guests will appreciate the creativity of an uncommon dinner.

Gruesome Halloween

After the kids have gone to bed and the adults are ready for some Halloween festivities of their own, a gruesome Halloween dinner serves up spooky delights. Appetizers made to resemble severed fingers, eyeballs and cut-off ears curb a hungry appetite after an evening of trick-or-treating or handing out candy to children. A main dish of spaghetti brains and spider olives on garlic bread rounds out this gruesome Halloween dinner party.

Black Tie

If you have not donned formalwear since the high school prom, host a black-tie dinner party, but leave the formalities at the front door. Serving fun comfort foods like homemade macaroni and cheese, barbecue cocktail wieners in a crock pot and colourful layered salads take the stress out of a formal event. Female guests will enjoy slipping into a favourite little dress, while men get use of the suit tucked away in the closet.


Treat guests to a rainbow of flavours with a colour-themed dinner party. Red strawberries dipped in orange-tinted almond bark and yellow pineapple chunks on a skewer served as a sweet fruit appetizer starts the rainbow dinner. A green salad of leaf lettuce, radicchio and baby spinach leaves topped with fresh blueberries adds green and blue elements to the dinner. A main dish of grilled steak and Portabello mushrooms finishes the rainbow portion of the meal. Vanilla ice cream sundaes topped with rainbow sprinkles brings all the colours together for one final indulgence.

TV Dinner

Leave the trays of Salisbury steak in the freezer, and host a TV dinner party. Create invitations to resemble a TV programming schedule and instruct guests to come as their favourite TV characters or represent a TV show. Also, they must bring a dish to coordinate with their show. Thus, a guest arriving as Al Bundy of "Married With Children" may bring a dessert cake shaped like a pair of shoes to reflect his shoe salesman career. A fan of "Little House on the Prairie" could bring jars of homemade pickles or freshly baked bread.

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