Ideas for a 25th Birthday Party

Updated February 21, 2017

Consider going all out for a 25th birthday. As the quarter-century birthday marker, planning an exciting or low-key group event is a perfect way to celebrate. When coming up with party ideas, think about arranging a social gathering that that starts in the day or evening and develops into a night time event.

Group Skydiving Party

Plan a group skydiving adventure. Invite a group of friends to celebrate the quarter-century birthday with a thrilling adventure sport. Often, large groups receive a discount with skydiving companies, so plan the event a few weeks or months in advance. Ask guests to gather at your house or at the skydiving site. Beginning jumpers dive in tandem with an instructor; more experienced divers may partner with a friend or go solo. After each guest jumps and safely lands, continue the birthday celebration with a house party or a visit to a favourite restaurant.

Beach or Ski Lodge Party

Rent a beach house at a nearby beach or a cabin at a ski resort. Ask guests to bring a few food and drink items for the weekend to stock the house. Bring volleyball nets for the beach and sleds and extra skis or snowboards for the mountains. Arrange for days on the beach--or on the slopes--and nights indoors or at nearby bars or restaurants for rest and relaxation.

Themed Dance Party

Choose a dancing style like flamenco, salsa, tango, ballroom, polka or swing to centre the party around. Hire a professional dancer to offer lessons to guests at a private dance studio or dance club. Invite guests as couples or singles--around 20 to 30 guests or more--to learn the dance moves and celebrate the birthday guy or girl. Follow-up the class with an appropriately themed bar or restaurant--like an Argentinian restaurant after a tango lesson--for authentic food and drinks.

Wine Tasting: 25 Bottles

Make 25 the theme for a wine tasting party by inviting 25 guests who each bring a bottle of wine from a geographical region of choice. Host the party in your home or rented space with plenty of tables to feature each bottle. Arrange the wine bottles and glasses around the room in stations so guests can mix and mingle while tasting each wine. Play soft music and create a space for dancing inside or outside, depending on the venue. Have a special table for gifts, the cake and other birthday-related items. Ensure guests drink responsibly by taking a cab to and from the party.

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