Dad's 50th Birthday Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Turning 50 is cause for celebration for anyone, as it marks the half-century point; when it is your dad's 50th birthday, it is even greater cause for a celebration, as he is one of the most important men in your life. Let him know how special and appreciated he is by planning a party and giving him gifts centred on his favourite things.

Fishing Fan

A dad who likes fishing will surely enjoy a party and gifts based on his pastime. Decorate the party area with fishing poles, nets and pictures of fish. Hang green and blue crepe-paper streamers from the ceiling to give the room an underwater feel. For the table centrepieces, fill buckets with gummy fish and gummy worms. Seafood is the main fare at this party--serve your dad's favourite types; however, be cognizant of those who don't eat seafood and serve turf-related foods in addition to the surf menu items.

An ideal gift for a dad who likes fishing is a trip to his favourite fishing spot, or to a spot where he has always dreamed of casting off. You can also present him with a new tackle box and fishing rod.

Music Man

If your dad likes jamming to classic rock, throw him a celebration based on his musical preference. Decor for the event includes posters of his favourite classic rockers hanging on the walls--The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Who and Jimi Hendrix, for example. Frame vinyl records and place them in the centre of the tables. Play tunes by his favourite musicians.

There are several gift ideas that would work for a dad who enjoys classic rock. If one of his idols are performing in concert nearby, purchase tickets to the event. You can also try to get an autographed copy of his favourite album. If these things are not a possibility, fill a CD book with a collection of his favourite albums or create classic rock playlists on an iPod.

Golf Guru

Perhaps your dad is an avid golfer--bring his love for the game into his 50th birthday celebration. Cover the floor and ceiling with green balloons. Drape tables with green tablecloths. Take photos of your dad's favourite course, frame them and hang them on the walls. Golf bags and clubs can also be used as decorations. Fill buckets with golf balls and use them as table centrepieces.

Your dad will appreciate a gift token to play a few rounds of golf at his favourite course, along with a set of new clubs. Another option is to arrange for him and a few friends to take a trip to play on his dream golf course.

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