List of generic birth control pills

Updated March 23, 2017

There are many brands of birth control pills available, both name brand and generic. All of the generic birth control pills undergo testing to make sure they are comparable to the name brand medication. Any generic medication that receives an "AB" rating from the FDA has been determined to be the equivalent of the name brand, according to Generic forms of pills often have labels that sound like name brands themselves to avoid confusion with long chemical names and various dosage levels, but they are still generic versions of the name-brand drug.


Aviane is part of a group of medications known as combined oral contraceptives. This means that it contains a combination of two different types of hormones. Aviane is the name given to the generic form of Alesse. Aviane is made by Barr Laboratories and has an "AB" rating from the FDA. This medication is part of a group known as combined oral contraceptives. This means that it contains a combination of two different types of hormones. The generic form of Alesse is also sold under the name Lutera.


Apri is a generic form of the birth control pill known as Desogen. This pill is only available with a prescription and has a relatively low dose of hormones in it as compared to other birth control pills. The FDA has awarded Apri an "AB" rating, which means that it is the equivalent of Desogen. Other names for generic Desogen include Reclipsen and Solia.


The generic form of Mircette is known as Kariva. Kariva has a low dose of hormones as compared to older birth control pills. In addition, the FDA has awarded Kariva an "AB" rating, which means that it is just as good as the name brand Mircette. Kariva is made by Barr Pharmaceuticals, the parent company of Duramed Pharmaceuticals. Duramed Pharmaceuticals is the company that makes Mircette. Another generic form of Duramed is called Azurette, which is made by Watson Laboratories, Inc.

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