Types of Carrara Marble

Updated February 21, 2017

The marble quarries of Carrara are famous around the world for their exceptional quality and output of marble. While most people associate Carrara marble with a grey and white stone, several types of marble actually are mined at Carrara. Since the name of the stone refers to its origins, it makes sense that there would be multiple varieties of Carrara Marble.

Bianco Carrara

The most common of the Carrara marbles is Bianco, or standard Carrara. While the word "Bianco" means "white" Bianco Carrara is a light grey in colour. The nearly white stone is marked with a heavier grey vein. These veins could be darker or lighter, and may cover the entire stone, or be in just a few areas. Since each lot of marble is unique, each stone will have its own characteristics. Bianco Carrara is the least expensive and most common of the Carrara marbles.

Whiter Carrara Marbles

While Bianco Carrara is a standard and light grey stone, there are other Carrara marbles that are whiter in colour. Bianco Statuario, or Statuary Carrara and Bianco Venetino or Venetino Carrara are both pure white in background. Both stones have a white colour that is marked with grey veins. Bianco Venetino is also occasionally marked with gold veins or flecks. Both stones are prized for their true colour, and both will have the same amount of variation as Bianco Carrara. Statuario in particular is a more expensive stone, as its colour is more controlled.

Dramatic Carraras

Not all Carrara marbles are simply white or light grey with veins. Two Carrara marbles are extremely variable; Arabesco and Cipollino. Arabesco is grey veins and markings known as "arabesques" across its surface. Much more dramatic and varied than the other Carrara marbles, Arabesco is used in tiles and counters for dramatic affect. Cipolin resembles the onion it was named after with green, white and grey stripes or bands making up its surface. Some Cipollino marble is truly green with small amounts of grey and white, while others are more purely grey with some white veining.

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