Fun Party Games for 11-Year-Olds

Updated November 21, 2016

Hosting an 11-year-old's party can be a chore, but entertaining party games will keep the children busy throughout the party. For guests who do not know each other, party games will break the ice and help each guest meet new friends. Play games indoors and outdoors to add excitement to the party.

Pass the Toilet Paper

Have all party guests sit in a circle and give one player a roll of toilet paper. Each guest should tear off a piece of toilet paper and pass it to the next child. Tell them to tear off how much they think they will need to play the game. After every child has pulled off some toilet paper, explain that each guest has to share something about herself for every sheet of toilet paper she has. If she only tore off one sheet, then she only has to tell one thing about herself. If she has 10 sheets, then she should tell 10 things about herself. This game is ideal played first because it gives the guests a chance to get to know each other.

Toss the Birthday Ball

Buy a large inflatable beach ball and write questions on the ball. Write questions such as "Who is your favourite singer?," "What is your favourite food?" and "How do you know the birthday child?" Play the game indoors or outdoors. Have all players sit in a circle and give the ball to the birthday child. Let her throw it to any player in the circle. When that player catches the ball, he should answer the question his right thumb is on. After he answers the question, he should throw the ball to another player who answers a question and passes the ball. Keep going until every player has the chance to answer at least one question.

Fruit Scramble

Buy enough fruit for every player to have a piece. Make sure to buy duplicates because some players need to have the same kind of fruit. The goal is to have at least three of each fruit in the circle. Have players sit in a circle in chairs and give each player a piece of fruit. The birthday child starts the game as "it" and sits in the middle of the circle. When all players are ready, "it" yells a type of fruit, such as apples. All the apples have to get up and run to another chair in the circle. At the same time, the "it" has to try to find a chair. The player left standing without a chair is the new "it." The "it" player can also yell "fruit scramble" instead of a specific fruit, and all players have to get up and get a new chair.

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