Christening Gifts for a Baby Boy

Updated April 17, 2017

For many parents, a child's christening is an important part of celebrating the birth of their newborn baby. A christening allows the parents to share their joy with friends and family while honouring the traditions of their particular faith. Christening gifts can come in many forms, from sacred traditional items to everyday items that help the newborn begin his life's journey. Presenting a gift specifically for a boy's christening can be a thoughtful way to support the parents during this special time.


Sparkling adornments aren't just for girls. A gift of jewellery for a boy's christening is not only appropriate, it's also a tradition in many faiths. Silver is the most common type of jewellery used to commemorate a boy's christening. Cuff links, while not typically thought of as a baby gift, are a traditional keepsake gift for boys at many christenings. Necklaces or medallions of patron saints are also a popular jewellery gift for boys. A St. Christopher pendant is a popular choice, to watch over the baby boy's travels through life. A silver timepiece such as a pocket watch, a traditional male gift, could be a unique way to commemorate the occasion. The watch can be engraved with the date or with the baby's likeness, and can be a cherished keepsake.

Personalised Items

Many items can be engraved or personalised to make them gender-specific. Silver lends itself well to engraving and personalisation. A personalised picture frame is a thoughtful choice, and many frames come decorated specifically for boys. A cross, crucifix or Bible engraved with the baby boy's name could make a religious-oriented gift. Silver baby rattles, cups and cutlery are other traditional commemorative items that can be engraved specifically for the baby boy. Baby scrapbooks, journals and diaries all come designed for boys. Personalising these items can help them serve as keepsakes the parents can use to mark the special events that unfold as their baby boy grows.


Clothes can be a welcome gift for parents just starting out. Their newborn will grow out of a lot of clothes, and parents will be glad to receive clothing items that fit their family style. Blue is the obvious choice of colour for a boy, but there are many other ways to ways to choose clothing specifically for a boy. Consider a T-shirt with a funny saying such as "Momma's Boy" or "Fisherman in Training." Christening gifts don't always have to be religious in nature. Many retailers will have bundled gift sets designed specifically for boys that include rattles, toys, bottles and other baby items, in addition to clothing such as socks, caps and shirts.

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