Bras that help posture for women with large breasts

Updated April 17, 2017

There are now specially designed posture bras that can be found even for larger-breasted women. These provide upper-back and shoulder support as it pulls your shoulders up to ease pressure on your upper back. They have reinforced stretch bands that crisscross in the back. Long-line posture bras have body and back support panels. As it pulls your shoulders up, it reminds you to keep your shoulders in and to sit upright, thus aiding your posture.

Elila Bras

Jacquard Soft-cup Posture Bra 1415

This bra ranges in size from a 38D to a 50H and has a three-piece two-ply cup with hidden sling for comfort. The back has support panels to encourage better posture and takes the pressure off your shoulders and from between your shoulder blades.

Jacquard Soft-cup Front Hook Long Line Bra 5415

Ranges in size from a 34C to a 52G and has well-engineered back support panel with three-piece cup construction and a full cup sling that gives great support.


Magic Lift Plus Posture Bra

Glamorise claims that this bra is the ultimate full-figure posture bra. To help posture it has cotton bands crisscrossing your back, easing the pressure from your shoulders and comes in sizes 38B to 58J.

Comfort Choice

The Posture Support Soft Cup Bra is specially designed to help your posture with an inbuilt crisscross support back. It ranges from 38B to 54G.

The Longline Posture Support Bra also gives good support. The back has inbuilt crisscross postural support and adjustable comfort straps. It ranges from 38B to 54G.

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