Long Hair Styles for Women Over 45

Updated February 21, 2017

As hair can get thinner and drier with age, many women over 45 choose to cut their hair short, foregoing the long locks of their youth. But not all women experience dry and thinning hair. Those women may opt to have a long hair style as a mature woman. It's important to choose a hairstyle that doesn't make you look older, or draw attention to ageing skin.

Long and Curly

If you have thick, naturally curly hair, consider wearing it two or three inches past your shoulders. As the hair is drier over age 45, the hair must be pampered and treated well to keep it in excellent condition. The key is to have the hair cut and layered into a style. Unkempt hair on a woman over 45 is usually not flattering or age appropriate.

Shoulder - Length

A medium-length hairstyle with hair that just brushes the shoulders is a flattering long hair style for mature women. This works well with both wavy and straight hair. This hairstyle should be cut with layers so that there is a defined shape and face-framing layers. Standard or side-swept fringe hide any forehead wrinkles and help bring out eyes.

Long and Straight

Long hair that is two or three inches past the shoulders, and is straight, is another look that works well for women over 45. If your hair is not naturally straight, it isn't a good idea as heat styling daily will be too damaging to the hair. Add fringe for a fun look. This hairstyle is versatile. Add a headband or decorative hair clips.

Low Ponytail

A low, sleek ponytail is a polished look for women over 45. Avoid a high ponytail as it looks too juvenile. Just sweep the hair into the low ponytail and secure it with a rubber band. Use a smoothing anti-frizz serum to tame frizzy hair and flyaway hair. This is a low maintenance hairstyle that is stylish.

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