Paint Color Ideas for a Cabin

Written by luanne kelchner | 13/05/2017
Paint Color Ideas for a Cabin
Add some paint to your cabin to make it stand out. (corner of log cabin image by jimcox40 from

Building a log cabin as a retreat for the family is a dream for many people. While the look of a natural log cabin is a refreshing change from an urban home, the wood throughout every room in the cabin can become tiresome. It is not recommended for homeowners to add paint directly to the logs on an interior wall, according to Pioneer Thinking. The colour can saturate the logs and is impossible to remove without destroying its appearance. To paint the walls inside a log cabin, install drywall to create a paintable wall.


While you may want to add some colour to your log cabin home, the colours you choose can still maintain the rustic appearance. Choose olive green, brown and cream for wall colours in any of the cabin rooms. Forest green, slate and deep rust colours add a splash of colour to a rustic interior. The colours that work best in a rustic log cabin decor are earth tones.

Contemporary and Modern

You can choose contemporary colours for rooms in a log cabin even if the rest of the home is designed in a natural and rustic decor Light neutral colours for the walls create a contrast between the interior of the cabin and the natural exterior of the home. Use colours such as blue and green for a spa appearance in the cabin bathroom. Teens may enjoy using a contemporary decor in their cabin bedroom to create a sleek and modern look.

Paint the Trim

Painting the trim in a log cabin room is one way to balance colour with the natural beauty of the wood. Use a pink trim around the baseboards and windows in a girl's room to add a feminine touch to the room. You can change the colour of the trim later without damaging the colour of the natural wood or the rustic appearance of the room.

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