Fun Party Games for 12-Year-Old-Girls

At age 12 girls are at an in-between age, known as tweens. The girls at this age are too old for pin-the-tail games and much too young for spin the bottle. They want fun that makes them feel more grown-up. The thought of teenage parties frightens many parents; however, working with your 12-year-old to develop appropriate games and fun things to do will allow parents to relax and the girls to enjoy the party.

Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts are a great group activity. They can be as simple as a traditional neighbourhood hunt or as elaborate as a video hunt. Mall scavenger hunts are particularly fun for tween girls. Scavenger hunts are conducted by the girls teaming up and hunting for a list of items. The first team back within the time limit, with the most items, wins.

Pool Party

Have a sponge relay race. Divide girls into teams, and place two empty buckets about 30 feet away from a full bucket of water. The girls line up, and the first two girls in line dip a large sponge into the full bucket and race to the empty bucket where they squeeze whatever water is left. The team with the most water in its bucket at the end wins. Pool Simon-Says, pool noodle races and water balloon toss are all fun pool party games.

Slumber Party

Play truth or dare, giggle or telephone as all these games can be played while gathered on top of the sleeping bags. For giggle, all the girls lie in a circle with their head on the tummy of the girl next to them, forming a circle. The first girl starts to giggle and then the next and so on until everyone is laughing. A version of "American Idol" can be played with the girls performing and the parents as judges.

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