Damaged Glass Table Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

When a glass table is damaged, the entire table isn't necessarily a lost cause. Replacements for a broken glass table top are available while the base can be reused with a new top. If the glass is only slightly damaged, you can still salvage it with some creativity and an artistic eye.


If the glass from your table is merely scratched up but not cracked or broken, you can salvage it by disguising the scratched and scuffed surface. Etching over it creates a frosted pattern on the glass. You can purchase kits and supplies from art or craft supply stores that allow you to etch glass yourself with the use of an etching cream or acid and stencils.


If the glass from your tabletop is unsalvageable, replace it with a mosaic to transform it into an artistic new piece of furniture. Cut a piece of wood 3/4-inch thick and the same shape and size as the original glass to create your mosaic on. Adhere broken tile, glass, china or pottery to the wood with tile adhesive, and fill in the spaces with grout.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is glass that has been heat treated to become four to six times stronger than regular glass. Replacing your damaged glass table top with tempered glass is much safer because tempered glass is not only stronger but is also safer if it were to break. You can order a custom piece of tempered glass in the exact shape and size needed for your table.

Acrylic Plastic

Another way to replace a damaged glass table top is to have a piece of acrylic sheet cut to your specifications at a hardware or building supply store. Acrylic is strong and clear, like glass, but scratches more easily. The main benefit to using acrylic is that it is less expensive than replacing with glass, is less prone to dangerous shattering is and lightweight.

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