Birthday Party Ideas for Girls Age 9

Updated February 21, 2017

At age 9, a little girl is still a little princess, and this may be the last opportunity to have a princess party as she continues to develop new interests. There are popular movies, dolls or toys that inspire entertaining ideas with which other kids can identify. Nine-year-old girls also have many personal interests that make entertaining party themes. Developing the appropriate idea early on and planning ahead makes an entertaining party.

Princess Party

As each girl arrives, she goes to an area where an artistic adult volunteer uses make-up and fingernail polish to transform the girls into princesses. Each girl then goes to the workshop and makes her own crown and magic wand from materials laid out to fit the purpose. Cardboard crowns are formed by gluing strips of cardboard into a circle and decorating them with glue, glitter and stick-on "jewels". The girls make their wand with wooden dowels, glue, glitter and colourful ribbons.

Play games such as laying a thin blanket on the floor and placing "peas" which are actually small marbles under the blanket. Each girl lies down on the blanket and guesses the number of peas she is lying on and the winners receive a prize. Another fun activity involves the girls using their magic wands. Small strips of paper with a small prize written on it is slipped into a balloon which is then inflated and attached onto a large sheet of cardboard or plywood. Attach at least three balloons per child so the game can continue as each girl chooses one balloon and using her wand, with a thumbtack temporarily glued to the end, to pop the balloon. The note inside the balloon is then read and the girl receives that prize. Each girl pops one balloon at a time and gets back in line to try again. The girls go home with the crown, wand and prizes as their party favours.

Princess Fiona Party

After the girls have arrived, they are decreed by proclamation read from a scroll by the birthday girl to enter the Princess Fiona room. Their faces are painted with green make-up and they are given an inexpensive red wig to wear. Again, they are decreed by the honoree to enter the princess workshop where they make a tiara and necklace from precut cardboard and wooden dowels that they decorate with glue sticks and lots of glitter, beads and rhinestones. The girls paint each others fingernails green and make last-minute adjustments to the costume. Games such as pin the tail on Donkey, Shrek's companion, is exciting since the girl who comes the closest gets to take the poster of Donkey home with her. Decorate the room as a swamp by stringing green and brown streamers crisscrossed from floor to ceiling and have lots of plants sitting on the floor around the party area. Serve foods such as green cake and pistachio ice cream, Donkey food such as chocolate-covered pretzels representing straw, and dirt pudding, made from chocolate pudding and crumbled chocolate cookies.

Favourite Thing Party

If a kid is interested in Barbie Dolls, science or baseball, it makes for an entertaining idea for a birthday party. The secret is to get the guests interested, at least for the duration of the party. From the moment the party begins put the girls to work on a simple craft project--with plenty of adult assistance--that is tied to the party theme and that girls take home as a party favour. Decorate the party room as full of decoration as necessary to convey the theme and plan activities that keep everyone on the run and engrossed in the different games. Serve cake and ice cream that is in keeping with the party theme. Keep the party moving from the start by the girls involved in their own projects, structure games that keep them on them active and serve delicious party theme decorated cake and ice cream.

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