Goodie Bag Ideas for a Birthday Party

Updated April 17, 2017

To put together a goody bag for a birthday party, stay far away from the party store and the inexpensive trinkets it sells for this purpose. Give your guests goody bags with special treats to fondly remember your party.

Spa Goodies

For girls and women fill bags or small baskets with a selection of bubble bath, lotion, soap and a scented candle. This goody bag works for single-gender birthday parties and all ages.

Art Supplies

Encourage kids to use their imagination by tucking a few art supplies in a goody bag: markers, small sketchbooks, clay, beads. Tailor the supplies to the kids' interests and ages, such as supplies to make a beaded necklace for girls or a set of coloured pencils with a booklet about how to draw Manga characters for boys. For younger children, give a few thick chunks of sidewalk chalk.

Survival Pack

For a party with an adventure theme, give a goody bag that doubles as a survival pack. Include a working compass, a bag of trail mix and a water bottle. If you use this idea for kids, parents may use the opportunity to teach children how to stay safe in the event they become lost.

Baking Bag

Give guests a goody bag that will result in a pan of warm cookies. Fill a bag or small container with the ingredients for chocolate-chip cookies---minus the egg and butter. Put the dry ingredients in small self-closing bags and include a recipe for the cookies. Cookies aren't the only possibility. Include the ingredients to make non-cook candy balls or brownies.

Summer Fun

Make a delightful summer fun goody bag with a pair of flip-flops, a lei and a pair of inexpensive sunglasses. Give out the bags early so partygoers may wear their new accessories as a group and for photos.


Children can never own too many books. Put small board books in goody bags for very young children. Consider a book that goes with the theme of the party. For example, a pirate-themed party could have a goody bag that contains Mary Pope Osborn's "Pirates Past Noon" along with a few golden chocolate coins and a gaudy ring or necklace.


Fill a goody bag with a selection of mixed nuts. Make or buy a few pounds of varieties of sweet or spicy nuts. Fill each goody bag with approximately 0.454kg. of nuts. Tie the bags securely with a bit of twine.

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