What Paint Colors That Go Well With Travertine Counters?

Updated February 21, 2017

Travertine is a limestone which is usually whitish but is also found in off-white varieties. It is less expensive than marble and often used as a building material. The colour of travertine, which is predominantly white and neutral, is such that it is successfully combined with almost any other colour. You can mix and match at will, and let your tastes guide you.

Light Color Schemes

Match travertine with a light or white colour scheme for a bright, brilliant effect. Travertine counters reflect a good deal of light, and, if you add in a white marble floor and light or off-white walls, the impact is crystalline. You can also bring in pastels for a taste of colour. Cantaloupe, sand or taupe add warmth. Mint or light blue on the cabinets or trim adds distinctive coolness that matches the cool stone.

Dark Color Schemes

As travertine is a light stone, you can use more dark colours in your scheme than you might use elsewhere. Even a black enamel works well and lends a high design flair. Medium blues, such as those found in a Mediterranean kitchen, can provide a continental look--rich and dark but not overbearing. Chinese red or crimson are both reds that lean towards the dark side, which will counter the travertine with warmth.

Neutral Color Schemes

Neutral colours are often underused because they do not look as arresting on the paint swatch as other colours, but they are very useful and add colour without overwhelming a room. They work especially well with travertine, especially in its cream-coloured form. Coffee, tobacco or similar warm browns, and natural woods like cherry or oak, go wonderfully with travertine. Furthermore, a slight addition of a yellow or green to a neutral wall colour brings a bit of zing to the room while maintaining a restrained feel.

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