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Updated February 21, 2017

Homes in the United States get a boost from the approximately 10,000 interior design companies in the country. According to the First Research industry profiling organisation, interior design firms take in about £5 billion each year; to get your piece of the decorating pie, you'll need a name that makes your company stand out from the crowd.

The Name Game

Consider using the language style of alliteration to have your decorating company start tripping off the tongues of your potential customers. Alliteration is the process of having repetitive consonants in words next to each other, such as David's Decorators and Ilene's Interior Design. Give brainstorming a try, thinking of words that go with decorating, such as "house" (Harry, Heather, Henry), "pretty" (Paul, Paula, Patty) and "fix up" (Frank, Fanny, Francine). Of course, not all business owners are going to have this kind of option; some names just don't go. In those cases, you can still use alliteration, just use non-name terms such as "Do-Right Decorators," "Happy House Helpers" and "Instant Interior Ideas."

Through the Years

Decorating clients are going to ask for styles that run all over the map and back and forth through the history books. If you decide to study, specialise and advertise your decorating company as true to one specific era, you'll want your name to reflect that so potential clients instantly get an idea what to expect. For decorating companies into the "shabby chic" style, which may include worn furniture, piles of pillows and blankets, light pastel colours and slipcovers, choose a name which reflects this lived-in, comfortable feel, such as "Shabby Home Interiors," "Style Yourself Shabby," "Superbly Shabby" or "Step up to Shabby."

Adults Only

If you're interested in appealing to an adults-only crowd, with no kiddie rooms on the menu, target your intended audience with a more suggestive company name. "BDSM Boudoirs," "Grownup Playrooms," "Lived In, Loved In" and "Hot and Spicy Homes" are options which instantly convey your ability to decorate for people who enjoy staying in and entertaining rather than hitting a movie or golf course. If you're going to specialise in interior decorating for adult facilities such as dungeons, strip clubs and erotic massage parlours, go even further with your name, such as "Down and Dirty Dungeons," "Stripteasers Decorating" or "Eros Home Styling." You'll immediately lose the part of your audience not in your target crowd and may appeal to people who don't want to settle for just any generic decorating shop.

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