Birthday party ideas for girls age 11

Updated February 21, 2017

Make your daughter's 11th birthday party a special one. She's not quite yet a teen, and certainly no longer a child -- at least in her eyes. The most important thing to keep in mind is that this is her day. She is celebrating that she is on the road to becoming a teen. Include music, activities and surprises to engage her guests, celebrate her special day and mark the milestone achievement of reaching age 11.

11 Candles

Ask guests to bring a decorated candle to the birthday party as a gift, along with a short note full of special birthday wishes for the birthday girl. Select a special place or a basket to hold the candles. Then when it is time to serve the cake, let each guest present her candle to the birthday girl. Have an adult light the candle after the guest reads her wish note. If there are less than 11 guests, have extra candles on hand so you will have 11 candles lit after all the guests have read their notes.

11th Hour Slumber Party

An 11th birthday is a great time for a girls' pajama party. Get a selection of movies that are favourites with 11-year-old girls, such as the movies from the "Twilight" series. Alternatively, let the birthday girl personally select her favourite move. At 11 exactly, let the girls watch the movie and celebrate their 11th Hour Slumber Party.

Her Top 11

Have the birthday girl create a ranking of her top 11 songs. Make paper slips with the names of the songs and have party guests guess the rank of each song. Give a special gift to the person who guesses correct order of songs or to the person who comes closest. A prize of a music CD or gift card would be appropriate.

Bling Me

Eleven-year-old girls are getting into the "bling." Make a contemporary version of draughts as a party game. Get inexpensive draughts game sets from discount stores for the party guests to play. Also purchase several marker pens with glitter colours. Have multiple game sets available so that there can be multiple game stations at the same time. Instead of players being "kinged," have them blinged. The person who is "blinged" gets to mark the checkerboard piece with the glitter pen. Give a prize to the party guest who collects the most checkerboard pieces with "bling."

Tiara Power Party

Treat the birthday girl to a "Tiara Power Party." Let her wear a special tiara with extra bling. Make shorter tiaras for her guests to wear so each girl can also feel and share the "tiara power." But make the tiara for the birthday girl the most special one of all by adding extra glitter, pearls and jewels from bundles of jewellery adornments sold at craft stores. Get small pillows to adorn a special chair for her to sit in as the "birthday queen" for a day.

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