Kinky Ideas for the Bedroom

Written by lane cummings | 13/05/2017
Kinky Ideas for the Bedroom
The range of textures and warm walls give this room a sensual appearance. (Beautiful rich Tuscan style bedroom image by Paul Hill from

Kinky bedrooms tantalise the senses, giving you a break from the ordinary decor and atmosphere of common bedrooms. These grown-up bedrooms are sensual and provocative. Increase the kinky factor in your own bedroom via strategic decor elements, without making your room seem trashy or in bad taste.


A simple method to give your bedroom a sensual, more intimate and kinkier atmosphere is to experiment with the lighting. Avoid overly bright or harsh lighting at all costs. Experiment with recessed lighting; install a dimmer. For an even simpler solution, string Christmas lights around the bed. If you're feeling really adventurous, try out coloured light bulbs such as black or red bulbs. Such divergent colours will immediately transform the atmosphere of your room. Lighting candles is such a basic strategy to change the environment of your bedroom and a classic one. It is extremely effective and lets off dim, soft glows of light. Purchase coloured and scented candles, filling your room with smells of cherries, wine and sandalwood.


While a variety of textures in a bedroom can make it more sensual, experimenting with a wide variety of textures will give the bedroom a kinkier vibe. Satin sheets are romantic, but add a shag rug, a fur blanket, velvet throw pillows, terry cloth shams and flannel sheets to give yourself a wealth of fabrics to delight your senses. Be daring and add some materials that you've never used--such as cashmere and angora. Don't be afraid to add some wild animal prints like leopard, cheetah or zebra blankets and throws.

Hotel Styles

Hotel rooms are inherently kinky as they are often in new cities or strange towns where you're surrounded by strangers and few people know your name. Recreate this feeling in your own bedroom by having matching nightstands on either side of the bed with identical lamps. A tufted headboard will assist in driving this look home. Don't forget to add something to the foot of the bed such as a padded bench. To finish the look, add a chair in the corner of the room in the manner of most hotel rooms.

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