Ladies' Christian Party Games

Updated February 21, 2017

Adult parties may not always contain entertainment appropriate for a Christian woman. For example, guests might play drinking games or hire a male stripper. A party for Christian ladies needs games that are entertaining but which do not run contrary to biblical commands. They should strengthen the sense of female community among the guests and encourage rather than tempt the women.

Bible Balloon Pop

The Any Occasion Free Christian Game website recommends bible balloon pop at a Christian women's party. The hostess inserts slips of paper into balloons before blowing them up. The slips of paper all have funny and silly commands on them such as "Recite the 10 Commandments in the style of a Southern Baptist preacher" or "Sing one verse of a hymn while spinning in a circle."

The hostess places the balloons all around the party space. One guest gets a chance to pop the balloon of her choice. She then reads her paper and completes the instructions on it. Each lady takes a turn until all the balloons are popped.

Bible Women Trivia

Since all the guests at a Christian ladies party will be female, the party is a good opportunity to highlight the women of the Bible. Have a trivia contest with questions like "Who had a baby as a senior citizen?" (Sarah), "What woman adored her mother-in-law?" (Ruth) and "Who used that time of the month to get away with stealing?" (Rachel).

Truth or Dare

The women will play biblical truth or dare the same way as regular truth or dare. Players can opt to answer a question honestly or perform a command. For the Christian version, the questions must explore the woman's faith. For example, one guest might ask another if they would steal if they knew that they wouldn't get caught. Dares might include activities like giving another guest a foot bath (based on the biblical tradition of washing the feet of a traveller who is a guest, John 13:1-10 and Luke 7:38-46).

Books Race

Bible books race challenges each woman at the party to recollect the books of the Bible. The hostess provides each lady with slips of paper that have the name of each book of the Bible on them. On the hostess' signal, the guests race to put the books in order as they appear in the Bible.

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