Ideas for a 80s rock party theme

Updated November 21, 2016

A decade filled with vibrant fashion, historical pop culture moments and great rock music, the 1980s provides a great theme for any type of party. Several rock musicians took advantage of the intense focus on music during the '80s to introduce themselves to the world. Planning a party centred around '80s rock music is easy given the amount of decorations, recipes and costume ideas being peddled by various vendors.


Decorations are one of the most important elements of any successful theme party. To emphasise the '80s rock theme, search vintage and online party supply stores like for posters featuring some of the most popular rock artists of the decade, and then display them in various rooms for party guests to admire. Look out for artists including Bon Jovi, Motley Crue, Bruce Springsteen and Pat Benatar, to name a few. For additional decorations, party supply vendors like The Oriental Training Company sell "Rock and Roll"-themed paper plates, hanging vinyl records and inflatable guitars in a wide variety of styles and colours.


Layering in some food items that carry the '80s rock theme is another way to entertain guests during the party. Because music is the main focus, food and snacks should incorporate the theme. The Sugarcraft website features a large assortment of chocolate lollipop moulds including music notes, vinyl records and a musician playing a guitar. In addition, making a cake that resembles a vinyl record is relatively easy. Just use a round mould or cut the cake into a circle once baked, then decorate with black icing and custom design a white label in the centre.

Fashion & Games

Rock stars from the 1980s were nothing if not trendy dressers. From big hair to leather trousers and acid-washed jeans, the style of the decade was largely influenced by new music videos. Instruct party guests to come dressed up as their favourite rock artist from the '80s, and rent a karaoke machine so they can further emulate their idols. If you have purchased an inflatable guitar, challenge guests to an air guitar contest by having them "play" along while you play various '80s rock songs on the stereo. For another music-themed game, write down the lyrics from some of your favourite '80s rock songs and see who can guess the title of the song and the artist the fastest.

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