Spa Birthday Party Ideas for a 9-Year-Old

Updated February 21, 2017

Introduce your birthday girl to the joys of self-indulgence with a spa-themed birthday party. Though you might think spa parties are better suited for older women, even a 9-year-old will enjoy herself when treated to a birthday filled with pampering and relaxing. Whether you opt to host at home or hit the salon, a spa birthday party is sure to leave guests with a contented smile.

Day at the Spa

Instead of hosting in your home, take the birthday girl and three to seven guests to a day of pampering at a child-friendly spa specialising in preteen services. Let the girls choose from a menu of age-appropriate spa options, including facials, manicures, pedicures and make-up applications. If possible, arrange for a cake to be served at the spa so that it truly feels like a private spa experience. As favours, give each child a robe or soap and towel set as a token of the day.

Makeover Party

Treat birthday party guests to a complete makeover with a spa make-up party. Invite several adults to assist in providing make-up applications, manicures and pedicures to young guests. Another option is to recruit students from a local cosmetology school to practice their skills at the makeover party. Invite guests to travel through several makeover stations, giving the birthday girl first priority. Include a make-up station with kid-friendly glittery lip gloss and eyeshadows, a stick-on nail station and a pedicure station complete with foot-soak baths. Also provide a trunk with dress-up clothes such as leather jackets, sparkly scarves and high-heeled shoes. After the makeovers, stage a fashion show, photo shoot or karaoke music video in which all the guests participate. Provide copies of the movies or photos to guests as favours.

Spa Sleepover

A spa sleepover is an opportunity to bond over face masks and tandem massages. Invite guests to attend in their most comfortable silk or flannel pyjamas. Cover the party area with plush blankets, pillows and sleeping bags to create a cosy party space. During the party, help guests create their own face masks by mixing kitchen staples such as oatmeal, honey, lemon and milk. Try several different recipes and have the guests vote on their favourites. Practice relaxing by arranging a massage ring in which the guests sit in a circle and then turn to their left so that their right sides are facing into the circle. Show kids how to rub shoulders and backs without tickling. Before bed, pop in a yoga DVD. After running through the poses, host a competition in which an adult calls out positions and the guests have to get into them as quickly and accurately as possible. Eliminate players who don't know the pose or can't hold it; reward the winner with a sleep mask as a prize.

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