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Updated July 19, 2017

Choosing a cottage style for your home means decorating it with quaint, romantic and feminine details. But you also have options, as there are English cottages, French cottages, beach cottages and rustic cottages. Choose your paint colour by taking a look at the rest of your furnishings and the decorative objects you plan to use before deciding what will look best.

Whites and ivories

Nearly all kinds of cottage decorating features walls painted in different shades of white and ivory. English, French and garden cottage styles include warm colours inspired by nature, so the neutrals used in these designs should include faint touches of yellow, pink and warm brown. Pure white is starker and used when painting a beach cottage. When the walls are painted with white tones, introduce colour in floral patterns, fresh flowers, antiques and other accents. These styles can also include rustic items made from weathered, reclaimed wood or antiqued wrought iron. Paint doors, cabinets and woodwork white or use them as accents.

Blues, greens and yellows

Beach cottage and Swedish cottage designs present a more nautical feel, which means they call for cool, breezy colours. A very faint blue is a favourite for walls, whereas deeper blues are used for doors and furniture. The placement of green and yellow paint depends on the style you're using and the colours found in your furniture and decorative accents. Warm greens and yellows go well with medium-toned woods and garden themes, whereas cooler colours fit in seaside retreats where very light or very dark woods look at home.

Pinks, reds and oranges

When it comes to cottage styles, roses are a common design element. They show up in patterns, painted on china and growing in gardens, so it's no surprise that pinks and soft reds are favourite colours when it comes to paint in cottage-style decorating. While it's best to keep walls light, you can paint doors and furniture in bolder hues. As a complement to blue, use oranges as accents in beach cottages.

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