60th Birthday Party Ideas for Dad

Updated February 21, 2017

Planning your Dad's 60th birthday party can be simple and fun. Just keep in mind his interests, likes and hobbies, and tailor the celebration's theme accordingly. Let a fitting theme inform your decorations, gifts, venue, refreshments and any activities or games you might plan. For an unusual birthday party, select a destination or programmed activity that Dad would especially enjoy.

Nostalgic Themes

At 60, Dad may enjoy a birthday party that pays tribute to the music and culture of his youth. Plan a nostalgic bash, decorating with any of his medals, trophies, keepsakes or old photos from childhood and teenage years. Play a mix of songs from the era, focusing on the birthday boy's favourite groups. For the menu, plan dishes that enjoyed particular popularity at the time. For inspiration, peruse your local library's collection of cookery books. For a festive dessert, decorate the birthday cake with retro candies. Check a speciality sweetshop or online retailer that specialises in old-fashioned candies, such as Jujubees or Red Hots.

Music and Film

For a spirited, musical theme, select Dad's favourite musical movement, group, performer or album. Incorporate allusions to their songs in the decoration, menu and activities. For example, if you throw a Beatles-inspired bash, serve "Strawberry fields forever" shortcake. For a Rolling Stones-themed party, require the birthday boy to do a number of jumping jacks before digging into a cake based on the cover of the album "Let it Bleed." If you throw a Cream-themed bash, have plenty of cream sauces and whipped cream toppings worked into the menu. For the film buff, let a favourite film, actor or genre inspire the party. Play the soundtrack as background music and dress the part. If you throw a James Bond-themed party, be sure to serve martinis, and decorate the cake with stylised Bond girls or guns.

Cocktail Party

Remind Dad that he's ageing like a fine wine by throwing a simple party combining good spirits, favourite hors d'oeuvres and classy dress. The theme needn't be elaborate. One simple way to tie things together is with a limited colour palette. A black and white party can be very chic, with all the guests dressed to match the black and white decor. A cocktail party can also be dressed up nicely with retro chic. Outfit the venue to resemble a 1950s bar and serve classic cocktails like Tom Collins and Whiskey Sours. For appetizers, set out devilled eggs, gherkins and crudites and old-fashioned cheese balls with assorted crackers.

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