1970s Bathroom Decorations

Updated February 21, 2017

If you want to give a bathroom in your home a funky, lighthearted feel, decorate it in a retro 1970s-inspired theme. The 1970s were marked by bell-bottoms, shaggy or big hair, and dance-till-your-drop disco music. In order to bring these 70s vibes into your bathroom space, incorporate several decorating options from wood panelling to shag carpeting and gold fixtures.

Shower Curtains

Shower curtains are available in a wide array of decorative styles and patterns, many of which can work well with a 1970s theme. Some potential options include using a multicoloured tie-dyed curtain, a curtain with a checkerboard pattern, resembling a 70s-style dance floor or, as Retro Shower Curtains recommends, a curtain with a series of coloured circles that are dark near the top and grow progressively lighter as they move down closer to the bottom. If you want to use a monotone curtain, stick with bright, bold colours.

Shag Shower Rug

According to Retro Housewife, shag carpeting was a popular interior design element that graced the floors of many 1970s homes. This type of carpeting is characteristically furry, having long, shaggy strands of material that shoot out wildly in different directions. In the bathroom, a shag-style rug will work perfectly as a comfortable 1970s-style floor mat that you can dry your feet on after a shower or bath.


Although wood panelling in the bathroom may seem like a stylistic nightmare, it will certainly add a 70s-esque feeling to your space. During the 1970s, designers often relied on characteristically dark wood for their panelling, so install a lumber like cyprus, mahogany, cherry or oak. If you already have dark wood panelling in the bathroom, don't paint over it, otherwise you will lose out on the 70s charm.

Gold Fixtures

Beginning in the 1970s, as Farley Lane Home Decor Tips notes, designers embraced decorating bathrooms with flashy, gold fixtures. To give your bathroom a dose of this 1970s luxuriousness, install gold toilet roll holders, gold towel hooks and racks, and gold sink and shower faucets and handles.


If your bathroom still does not meet the desired level of 70s-funkiness you are seeking, incorporate some distinctively 70s accessories. These include setting up a lava lamp on a shelf, table or counter, which will provide a smooth glow for your space as well as an intriguing visual display for the bathroom's occupants, and hanging a disco ball from the ceiling, which will reflect light several different directions, giving your bathroom a disco-inspired feel.

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