Alcove Decorating Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

An alcove, a small recess in a room, can be an interesting asset to a home, but it can also be difficult to decorate. When decorating an alcove, it's helpful to keep some consistency with the general decor of the room in which it is located.

Different Paint Color

Painting the alcove one shade lighter or darker than the shade of paint used on the walls of the larger room can add texture to the entire room. This is a great way of accenting the original colour while emphasising the different space and the layered look an alcove can create. If there is a window in the alcove, you might consider painting the area a shade darker to create a contrast between the light in the window and the colour of the wall. If the alcove is a darker corner to begin with, painting it a shade lighter will make it appear slightly larger and airier.

Library and Reading Corner

Using an alcove for a unique purpose is one way to get the most out of the space. Take advantage of the alcove space by adding shallow shelving units and filling them with books. If your alcove happens to be in your bedroom or living room, you can have a library without adding another room to your house. Create a cosy reading corner in your library alcove by putting a long cushion in against one of the walls. Use throw pillows that match or complement the wall colour and blankets that add to the colour scheme. If the alcove is large enough, you may wish to bring a reading chair into the area instead of creating a reading area on the floor.


If the alcove has a window in it, turning the area into a greenhouse of sorts can be a good use of space that is also aesthetically pleasing. This might be the best option for an alcove located in a dining, living or kitchen area. Find a decorative shelf--ornately designed wire shelves work well. If the alcove area is carpeted, you might want to lay down a hard mat that will protect the carpet and create a solid floor on which to put the shelf. Choose plants that complement the style and decor of your room. Hanging plants in the entrance to the alcove can have a particularly charming effect as well.

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