Massy Ferguson 165 Engine Specs

Updated February 21, 2017

Manufactured from 1964 to 1975, the Massey Ferguson 165 is a utility tractor that replaced the previous Model 65 and was in turn replaced by the Model 265. Priced originally in 1975 at about £4,355, the tractor came in models equipped with either a class I or II three-point hitch and live 540 revolutions per minute (rpm) power take-off—the ability to operate ancillary devices. The tractor measured 82 inches long and weighed between 5,000 and 3493kg. depending on the configuration. The Massey Ferguson 165 had three optional engines offering purchasers the option of gas or diesel power.

Perkins Four-Cylinder Diesel

The Perkins four-cylinder diesel engine was the only diesel option available to farmers. The engine had a 58.3-horsepower rating at 2,000rpm. The Perkins diesel generated 169 foot-lbs. of torque at 1,309rpm. The diesel was water cooled with a 42-quart capacity cooling system. The engine's 3.6-inch bore (cylinder diameter) and 5-inch stroke (the measurement of piston movement) at 18.5-to-1 compression effected an engine displacement of 203.5 cubic inches.

Continental Four-Cylinder Gas

The eight-valve, four-cylinder Continental used in the Massey Ferguson 165 displaced 176 cubic inches and also generated 58.3 horsepower. The naturally aspirated engine included two valves, one intake and one exhaust, for each cylinder. The Continental four-cylinder engine has a compression of 7.1 to 1 with a bore of 3.58 inches and stroke of 4.38 inches. The crankcase capacity was 6 quarts of motor oil

Perkins Four-Cylinder Gas

The Perkins gas engine used in the Massey Ferguson 165 has a considerably larger displacement than the Continental engine at 212 cubic inches—accomplished with a bore of 3.875 inches and a stroke of 4.5 inches, creating a compression of 7 to 1. The engine also has a 58.3 horsepower rating, which breaks down to a drawbar horsepower of 41 for the gas engines and 46 horsepower for the Perkins diesel. Power take-off (PTO) horsepower ranged from 46 horsepower for the gas engines and 52 horsepower for the diesel.

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