Games to play at adult parties outside

Updated November 21, 2016

When planning an outdoor adult party, be sure to include exciting party games to liven up the party and get party guests involved. Play active games outdoors to keep the partygoers interested in the party. These games are also great icebreakers for any shy guests you might have. Awarding small prizes, such as gift cards or home decor, to the winners of each game will keep guests looking to play more games.

Shaving Game

Pair the guests up into men and women teams of two. Let the host put shaving cream on the men's face as if he was about to shave. Give the women a spoon and a bowl. On, "go," the women use the spoon to "shave" the shaving cream off the men's face. They put the shaving cream in the bowl as they go. The first woman to clean the shaving cream completely off the man's face is the winner.

Water Limbo

For a wet outdoor game, play water limbo. Guests need a swimming costume or clothes they don't mind getting wet. The host will hold a water hose and spray a stream of water. Play music and allow the guests to go under the stream of water. The host lowers the water stream every time all players go under it. If any part of a player's body touches the water, he is out of the game. The last player who can go under the stream of water without getting wet wins the game.

Balloon Contest

Blow up several balloons and use a different-coloured balloon for each team. Divide the players in even teams and assign each team a specific balloon colour. Each team should have the same amount of balloons and players. Throw all balloons in the backyard and mix them up well. When the host yells "go," all players run to the balloons and start popping their team colour. The first team to pop all their balloons wins the game. The more balloons each team has the longer the game lasts.

Egg Toss

Purchase several eggs for this game and let guests know the game can get very messy. Have each player select a partner and get them to stand about 5 feet apart, facing each other. Give one player on each team an egg. On "go," the player tosses the egg to their partner. The partner has to catch the egg without it breaking. If the egg breaks, the team is out of the game. Each team who catches their egg must take a giant step backwards and toss again. The team who catches their egg from the farthest distance wins the game.

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