Golden Wedding Party Ideas

Updated July 20, 2017

Celebrating a golden anniversary is one of the happiest milestones in a couple's relationship. Make it special for the couple, with well thought out gifts, toasts, presentations and special guests. Celebrate all the highlights of their lives together, and start-making memories for future anniversary parties still to come.

This is Your Life

Compile pictures, audio, and personal presentations from guests attending the party into a "This is Your Life" type of format. Have one-person host the presentation, delivered during dessert and followed up with a special toast, delivered, if possible by the couple's best man and a special gift presented by their matron of honour. Be ready for lots of memories and tears of both joy and sorrow as you travel through the couple's life together in sight and sound.


Compile lots of pictures of the couple's life, before and during their marriage. Compile them into a slide-show type presentation with background music of their wedding era or something they might have played at their wedding. Other alternatives are to add music matching the era that the pictures portray, starting at the beginning of their journey up to their party date. Let this video play continuously in the background on a screen or monitor on the gift or dessert table. Compilations such as this are simple to construct using Microsoft Windows software already on your computer or online services.

Wedding Cake

Replicate the couple's original wedding cake from their wedding album. Most couples will not forget this one item from their original reception so it's always a fun and poignant touch to add to their golden wedding anniversary party.


A poignant gift for all guests to chip in on is to send the couple on another honeymoon. Depending on where the couple went for their first, you may want to send them there again, to relive the original, or select a location that they have always dreamt about and mentioned going, but have never got there. If you are doing a "This is Your Life" presentation, add pictures of this location to the end of your program, with uplifting, corresponding, music, and present them with their honeymoon gift token at that time.

Wedding Picture

Find a picture of the bride and groom on their wedding day and have a copy made, enlarging it as big as possible while maintaining quality. Mat the picture for a frame to encase it after the party. Set out the matted picture, on a decorative easel, at the party, with a fine tipped permanent marker so that each guest may autograph the mat, adding a salutation, if they prefer.

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