Ideas for a Boy's 18th Birthday Party

Written by tami parrington | 13/05/2017
Ideas for a Boy's 18th Birthday Party
At 18, your teen is about to become a man, and it's time to celebrate. (te party man image by Georgiy Pashin from

An 18th birthday is a pretty big deal. It is the age of passage from youth to adult, and both boys and girls view the 18th birthday as a milestone. It doesn’t matter how “macho” your new 18-year-old son feels he is, ignoring--or forgetting--the 18th birthday and not celebrating it is not an option. Here are a few ideas for throwing an 18th birthday party for a boy.


You don’t need fancy locations for a boy’s 18th birthday party. A party at home will work great as long as you have the necessary elements: most importantly—music. If you live in close proximity to neighbours, or an apartment/condo complex, talk to your neighbours about the coming celebration. Get their approval before playing loud music. If your neighbours don’t cooperate, see if the complex or building has a community centre you can use for a party.


Remember to create a masculine atmosphere. Frilly bows and ribbons are fine for a young lady’s party, and balloons are great for kids, but use those items sparingly for a young man. Turn the party room into a “garage” with an automobile motif and really get their motor running. Use car slipcovers on furniture, hang wheel rims from the walls and put up car magazine pictures for decoration.

On the Road

If you don’t want to or can’t have the party in your home, take a small, controlled group of close friends to a favourite fun place. Some ideas include an arcade, paintball facility, batting cage, go-kart track, concert or even an overnighter at a hotel with indoor pool. No matter where you hold the event, you can make it special by remembering to tailor it to your 18-year-old’s interests.


You don’t have to invite the whole neighbourhood to an older teen’s party, but his closest friends are important guests. If you want to give your soon-to-be 18-year-old a big bash with his friends, but also have lots of family to bring together for a celebration, consider two separate parties, or an afternoon friends party and evening family party.


Serve lots of finger foods like pizza, tacos, burritos, hamburgers and hot dogs. Lay out plenty of chips, salads and cut fruit for guests to snack on, and make sure there’s plenty of soda and water on hand.


Video games rank high on a list of popular gifts for teenage boys. Other gift ideas should centre around their lifestyle. Outdoor sports enthusiasts may like different types of gear, a young many heading off to college might appreciate dorm room accessories. Adding to existing collections such as valuable baseball cards or music CDs from a favourite group are historical hits.

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