Christening Party Menu Ideas

Written by melinda gaines | 13/05/2017
Christening Party Menu Ideas
Cake is often served at christening parties. (black forest cake image by Antonio Oquias from

Christenings are usually held for infants, and a party typically follows the ceremony. At this party, guests often socialise with the family, admire the newly christened baby and enjoy a spread of food, drink and desserts. When it comes to planning your christening party menu, there are a variety options that can be customised to fit your budget.

Sit-Down Dinners

Those having traditional or formal christenings may find a sit-down dinner most appropriate. Rack of lamb, roast turkey or chicken, pasta salad, fresh vegetables and rolls would all work well for a sit-down christening dinner party. If you're on a budget, spend most of your money on the meal and save dollars on dessert and drinks. A simple fruit salad served in pretty bowls or goblets is inexpensive and attractive. Iced tea doesn't cost much and easily serves crowds of all sizes.


Barbecues are suitable for christening parties that will be held outside or during the warmer months of the year. If you live in an area that is fairly warm year-round, such as in the Southern states, a barbecue christening party menu would be ideal. Your options include having the food catered, you making it yourself, or having a potluck barbecue, where guests bring sides, drinks and desserts and you provide the grilled meats. Consider serving the following barbecue dishes: grilled chicken, ribs and sausage; barbecue burgers; potato salad; macaroni salad; coleslaw; baked beans; pound cake; and lemon iced tea.

Appetizer and Dessert Menu

If you're on a budget, try serving a menu of appetizers and desserts at your christening party. Dessert can be anything you prefer, such as cheesecake, pie, cake or cupcakes. Sheet cakes are fairly easy to make and feed a large number of people. For the appetizers, make inexpensive dishes: sauced meatballs, cheese and crackers, a fruit platter, crudites, chips and dip or chicken wings. You can accompany this menu with any type of drinks you prefer. Fruit punch, sparkling juices and flavoured teas would pair nicely with an appetizer and dessert menu.

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