Space Party Games for Kids

Updated November 21, 2016

Kids love outer space, and choosing the right games for your child's space party can mean the difference between blasting off to a good time or flaking out. When selecting the party games, be sure to select games that keep the children active and involved in the party. Children also stay more interested in the games if you award prizes to the winners of each game.

Rocket Launcher

Purchase a kid-safe foam rocket launcher and several foam rockets. Rocket launchers are available at retail stores and online. Write each child's name on a foam rocket and give each child two chances to launch his rocket. The child who launches his rocket the farthest wins the game.

Moon Rock Hunt

Spray-paint several medium-size rocks with silver paint and allow the rocks to dry overnight. Hide the rocks throughout the house or in the backyard. Give each child a space party favour bag to collect his moon rocks. When you yell "go," the children try to find as many moon rocks as they can. The child who collects the most moon rocks wins the game. All the other children can keep the moon rocks they find as party favours to take home.

Saturn's Ring Toss

Hang several hula hoops from a clothesline or tree branch at different height levels. Mark a starting line about 10 feet from the hula hoops and have all the children line up. Give each child five beanbags or nylon socks filled with beans and tied off. Let each child try to throw the beanbags through the hula hoops. The child who makes the most beanbags through the hula hoops wins the game.

Aliens vs. Earthlings

As the party guests arrive, place 10 alien stickers and 10 earthling stickers on the front and back of their shirts. Give each child an index card with one side labelled "aliens" and the other side labelled "earthlings." The object of the game is for each child to try to get five alien and earthling stickers off another party guest's shirt without them knowing. If they are caught trying to remove the sticker, they have to give it back. The first player to fill her index card with five alien stickers and five earthling stickers wins the game.

Pass the Rocket

Purchase a medium to large foam rocket and have all party guests sit in a circle. Give the rocket to the birthday child and play music. When the music starts playing, tell the kids to pass the rocket around the circle. When the music stops, the player who is holding the rocket is out of the game. Keep playing until only one player remains. That player is the winner of the game.

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