Hallway paint colour ideas

Written by bailey shoemaker richards | 13/05/2017
Hallway paint colour ideas
Light colours help your hallway feel like a bigger and brighter space. (Getty Images)

Painting a hallway is a great way to keep the decorating scheme of the house consistent and attractive. There are a number of easy ways to paint a hallway to make it look great and fit in with the rest of the home decor. Finding the right paint colour for any hallway can make a house feel like a professional decorated it.

Matching colours

Paint the hallway using the same colour of one of the rooms the hallway is connected to. This creates a symmetrical, balanced feel and adds a natural flow of movement from the hallway to the room of the same colour. This is a great way to connect an entryway to a sitting room or kitchen. Using the same colour can also help with finding decorations to put in the hallway, since the colour scheme is the same.

Light colours

Light colours, such as pastels, yellow and ivory, are ideal for hallways. Hallways have a tendency to feel dark and small, especially if they don't receive any natural light through windows. Use light colours to make a hallway feel larger and brighter. Pastels and other bright colours help make a hallway feel vibrant and seem bigger than it really is. Choose a lighter hue of the colour of another living space to give the hallway a complementary feel.

Complementary colours

Paint the hallway using stripes in colours that are complementary to the rooms the hallway connects. This will connect the hallway to each individual room, while also creating its own colour scheme and appearance. Complementary colours -- such as yellow and blue -- go well together and add a great deal of beauty to a decorating scheme. Stripes allow all of the colours of the house to be incorporated in the hallway, while still ensuring that the hallway looks professional and attractive.

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