Thank You Gifts for Baby Shower Guests

Written by barbie carpenter | 13/05/2017
Thank You Gifts for Baby Shower Guests
Give colourful, personalised lollipops at a baby shower. (lollipop image by Nicemonkey from

Thank baby shower guests for attending and bringing a gift for the mom-to-be with a thoughtful gift. You don't have to spend a lot of money on these thank-you gifts---in fact, you can simply bake a tasty treat in your kitchen or put together a homemade gift to say thanks. These gifts can follow the baby shower theme, reflect the gender of the baby or relate to the interests of the new mom. Regardless of the gift you choose, guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity.

Gifts for the Home

A thank-you gift that your guests can use or display in their home works well for baby showers. Give each guest a scented candle, and wrap a label around the glass jar that says, "Thank you for attending Robin's baby shower!" If you're hosting a baby shower around the holidays, give guests a Christmas ornament with the event's name printed on it, such as "Melissa's Baby Shower, December 10, 2010." They can hang this ornament on their Christmas tree for years to come. You can get drink koozies personalised with the event's name and date on it as well. For the mom-to-be expecting a baby girl, you can order pink koozies with white wording that says, "Jill and Baby Lola's Shower. May 4, 2011."

Baby-Related Gifts

Carry the baby theme throughout the event all the way to the thank-you gifts you offer your guests. Fill miniature baby bottles or plastic rattles with pink and blue chocolate candies or mints, and tie an appropriately coloured ribbon around the bottle. You can have chocolatechocolate bar wrappers personalised with a baby theme, printed with the event details on them. Bath and body items are always a hit, and you can choose from onesie-shaped soaps to bath salts in a baby-themed bag.

Homemade Treats

Edible gifts are a tasty way to thank guests for attending your shower. Use your favourite sugar cookie recipe, collect a baby-themed cookie cutter in the shape of a carriage or rocking horse and decorate the cookies in pink or blue frosting. You can make homemade chocolate lollipops that you decorate colourfully like a rattle. Or include a special message on the lollipop, like "Welcome Baby Tyler!" Wrap your baked treats in cellophane, and tie them closed with a ribbon that matches the colours of your baby shower.

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