Free party game ideas for adults

Updated February 21, 2017

Free party games for adults are intellectual, entertaining, ridiculous, physical and completely stupid...sometimes all at once. The games will serve as solid icebreakers for guests who don't know one another, and are a fun way for friends to work in cahoots with or against one another. Because these games don't cost anything, they rely more on ingenuity than gimmickry and require more input from guests, making them more interesting and participatory for partygoers.

Who Am I

Who Am I is a simple game that can be played for free with the aid of a few common household items. Create a list of names that everyone at the party will be familiar with. Famous historical figures, movie stars, musicians, bands, fictional characters and politicians are a good place to start. Write each name on a small piece of paper or index card. Tape a name on each player's back or forehead where he or she can't see it. Players then interact with one another as if they are the names they have written on them, while each participant attempts to guess who he or she is. For instance, if a player is Malcolm X, another participant might say to him, "You're going to finish that bowl of olives by any means necessary," in reference to Malcolm's iconic quotation.

Name that Tune

Name that Tune is a popular party game for adults that will cost participants nothing. Supplies required are a CD player or MP3 player and, for a variation, paper and pens. The simplest version of the game involves playing the first few measures of a popular song and awarding points to whomever names the song correctly first. A variation on this involves handing out a piece of paper with two columns. The first column lists bands or artists, and the second column lists song names. Guests are challenged with matching as many song names to the corresponding artists as they can.

Apple of Discord and Banana Feeding

Apple of Discord and Banana Feeding are two adult party games that involve fruit and couples. The first game has couples hold an apple by putting it between their foreheads and pressing them together. The leader of the game shouts out directions such as "three steps left" or "two steps right." The last couple to drop its apple is the winner. In Banana Feeding, women are blindfolded, while their husbands crouch like monkeys. This can be adjusted as needed for same-sex couples. The blindfolded partner spins five times and is given a peeled banana. The first couple to successfully get the banana into the crouching partner's mouth is the winner.


Charades is a classic, free adult party games. The game involves two teams, each of which writes a series of phrases or words---they can be book or film titles, actions, names and so forth---on strips of paper and places them in a bowl or hat. The members of the other team draw a paper from the bowl and are charged with drawing a picture of the word or phrase without writing it. A predetermined time limit is imposed upon each round of charades.

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