Shaggy Pixie Hairstyles

Updated March 29, 2017

A short, shaggy pixie cut is ideal for women who want to wash and wear their hair without committing too much time to styling. Pixie cuts have been spotted on celebrities such as Kiera Knightley and Victoria Beckham and are a fashionable way to wear short hair. The style consists of lots of short, choppy layers which can be defined using hair wax. Although the cut requires minimal time in the morning to style, you'll need more visits to the salon for trims to keep your hairstyle in shape. Lots of variations of short shaggy styles exist. Whether you prefer your hair smooth, straight, spikey, wavy or textured, you can find a pixie style to suit almost every face shape and personality.

Short Crop

A short crop is a textured pixie cut where the hair is ultra short with little spikey sections of hair throughout which give texture and definition. This style should be cut to accentuate your best facial features, such as your eyes or cheekbones. The short crop can be cut in lots of ways with more volume at the back, crown or a similar length all over. Adding highlights or lowlights to a short, cropped style will give you depth and definition to bring out the best in your cut.

Pixie with Bangs

Very short pixie crops can be transformed or personalised by adding a variety of differently styled fringe. Celebrities including Rihanna have experimented with their pixie cuts by adding angled, blunt or wispy fringe. Wispy fringe give a shaggy effect that only requires a light amount of product to style. If you have a larger forehead, angled side-sweeping fringe will disguise this and accentuate pretty eyes. Adding fringe to your shaggy crop will frame your face and update your look, giving the pixie cut more versatility to style.


Elfin cuts have remained in fashion for some years and women are continually revamping and updating them. Rather than a textured cut all over the head, an elfin cut has shorter sides and can incorporate wispy fringe. The elfin cut is very low-maintenance because the sides and back are cut so close to the head. The razor-cutting technique stylists use to achieve this elfin style will soften the facial features and taper the ends of the hair. Playing around with styling products can dramatically change the appearance of even the shortest of cuts by spiking up the back sections or wearing hair smooth and sleek.

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