What are french country paint colors?

Updated February 21, 2017

French Country interior design style creates a warm, cosy, rustic atmosphere. French Country interior paint colours include light and bright blues, muted greens, true reds and yellows and soft shades of these colours. Floral and plaid prints for furniture and wallpaper in these colours play a major role in French Country decor. Light colours are common on walls in kitchens and bathrooms, although in more formal areas, such as dining rooms and sitting rooms, darker hues on walls may dominate.


Yellow is a signature colour in French Country kitchen decor. Choose a light summery yellow for the walls, and accent it with mustard yellow, rusty brown and moss green for a cheery, lighthearted feel. Or paint the walls bright yellow, and use strong red and white accents. A yellow and white plaid wallpaper in the kitchen with green or red painted trim and baseboards is another option for kitchens. Yellow floral wallpaper with yellow roses and fern green trim in the bathroom or powder room, along with French Country decor items, like wrought iron towel racks, door knobs and cabinet handles, creates a delicate country look with French flair.


The blue in French Country style ranges from baby blue to bright blue to cornflower blue. Paint walls lighter shades of blue, and use red and white accents in formal areas like living rooms and dining rooms. Blue in the kitchen is better contained to painted trim and accents, although light blue and white on walls or cabinets works well with ginghams and small floral accents on towels, chair cushions, curtains, napkins and placemats.


True red is a complementary accent colour in French Country style. Paint wooden chairs red for a room with yellow or green on the walls. Red chair cushions or crockery looks fabulous against black wrought iron furniture, shelves and bakers' racks. Paint cabinet doors red against white or yellow cabinetry filled with white ceramic dishes and crockery.


The colour green in French Country decorating runs the range of light pastel green to mossy woodland green to bright green velvet and satin. The lighter and muted pastels and woodland greens work best on walls and furniture. Paint a country sideboard table and wooden chairs woodland green with yellow or red stencils. Sponge ferny green on walls over cream for a country meadow feeling. Green and white stripes painted on bathroom walls lend a clean country style to the room.


Gold is an accent colour in French Country decor. Gilded mirror frames, gold leaf boxes and ceramics, gold tassels and pillows and other accessories are common in French Country decorating. Gold paint accents in trim, door frames, picture frames and metal accents like cabinet handles create a feeling of jaded nobility and faded country wealth characteristic of French Country interiors.

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