10 year old disco party ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Disco is a genre of music and style of dance that originated in the 1970s. When planning a disco party, stay true to the heart of disco celebrating high energy, signature dance moves and 1970s attire. A 10-year-old child's disco party should incorporate activities suitable for preteens. Transform your child's 10th birthday party into a celebration of a popular era in American cultural history.

Music Selection

Many songs from the disco era contain undertones not suitable a 10-year-old. However, Rick Dees' "Disco Duck," which uses the voice of Disney's Donald Duck and Ednah Holt's "Serious, Sirius space party" from the "Star Wars" soundtrack reference popular movies and TV shows that are family-friendly. Classic disco songs like "YMCA" by the Village People and In the Navy often appear on children's dance soundtracks and should be included on the play list as well. Consider choosing instrumental versions of other popular disco songs.


Provide an array of wacky disco costumes for the children to wear when they arrive. This helps guests participate even if they do not have or cannot get a 1970s costume. Search thrift stores and costume shops for sunglasses from the 70s, polyester suits and wigs in a variety of colours.


The basement is the best place in your home to host a disco party and make use of strobe lights and a disco ball without the interference of sunlight. Rent a small wooden dance floor for your event and position it in the centre of the room. Large synthetic flowers and golden smiley faces can be placed around your gift and food tables or hung along the walls in place of party streamer. Confetti is also a great addition to your tabletops.

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