Surprise 18th birthday party ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

An 18th birthday is an important milestone in a young person's life, and marks his transition into adulthood. If your son or daughter turns 18 this year, make the occasion even more memorable by having a surprise party; incorporate your teen's favourite things into the celebration. But, most importantly, make sure that the surprise party celebrates her new adult status.

Night on the Town Party

Invite all your daughter's friends to a surprise party that involves them taking her out for a night on the town. Arrange for party guests to meet you downtown, and inform your teen that you and the rest of your family are taking her to a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant downtown to celebrate her birthday--try to take multiple cars to the restaurant if possible. When you arrive, all the guests should already be at the restaurant to surprise her. Reserve a large table or a section of the restaurant for dinner, and then give your teen her real present--hand over the keys to the car, along with enough movie tickets for her and her friends, or passes to see her favourite local band play live that night. Then wish her a happy birthday, and send them on their way for an adult night out with no chaperon or curfew.

Club Party

Some nightclubs admit 18-year-olds; check for such locations in your area and select one for your son's surprise 18th birthday party. Reserve the VIP section of the club for him and his friends, decorate with streamers or balloons, and preorder enough food and beverages for everyone. Ask if the DJ can play a special song for your son on his birthday, or announce to the club that he is legally an adult. Of course, this is not the type of party your teen would want you to attend all night. So, after you've blindfolded him and driven him to the club where he'll meet his friends, it's a good idea to leave the celebration once you've cut the cake.

Car Party

If you're giving your 18-year-old the gift of a car, throw a surprise party where the car is the main attraction. Without your teen's knowledge, invite some of her friends over, along with family members, and serve a nice meal of her favourite foods. Drop subtle hints about the car by serving the food on plates that are the colour of the car, or playing prerecorded car commercials several times during the meal. When you give the signal, guests should get up two or three at a time, thanking you for the meal, as if they are about to leave. When your teen sees everyone to the door, usher her outside and unveil her new car. This will make her 18th birthday one to remember indeed, so have the camera handy and take a few candid shots of her in her new ride.

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