Greek Party Theme Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

A Greek theme can enliven parties held for a variety of occasions: birthdays, anniversaries, graduations or New Year's Eve. There are many variations on the theme so that you can tailor it to suit your occasion and your guests. With so much Greek culture and history to inspire you, there are no shortage of ideas for your party.

Party Dress Code

Ask your guests to dress for the theme; make this clear on the invitation. Suggest guests wear simple togas and slave attire or something more involved--the elaborate costumes of mythological Greek figures such as Helen of Troy or Hercules. As an incentive for your guests to use their imaginations, arrange a costume contest with prizes for best costume, most authentic costume and silliest costume. If the party is to celebrate a graduation, create your own Greek-themed yearbook, with captions under pictures of your guests, such as most likely to become a Greek goddess.

Party Decorations

Make a statement with your party setting. Classical Greek architecture should be your inspiration--buy columns, urns and statues from party supply stores and websites, or fashion them yourself from papier mache. Ideal decorating colours are white and gold--the more gold, the better. Other decorative items can include large bowls filled with grapes (good for your guests to snack on), oil-burning lamps and garlands. Large candles with ivy wrapped around the bottom of them make effective table centrepieces. Place more candles around the room to add to the atmosphere; floating candles in bowls of water are a nice touch.

Party Activities

Use a trivia quiz to bring out the competitive spirit in your guests. Questions about Greek mythology, customs and modern culture will tie the game to your theme. Bob for olives or grapes--use a bowl filled with sparkling water and have guests try to pick these up with their mouths. Use a stopwatch so they can play against the clock. Have fun music playing all night; dancing is important for any type of party.

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