Easy decorating ideas for a small bedroom

Updated February 21, 2017

Decorating a small bedroom requires planning. Incorporating too many items in a small bedroom creates a cluttered look and feel in the room. Instead, consider replacing items you already have in the bedroom. This allows you to redecorate the small bedroom, while maximising the space and limiting the items in the room.


Paint the small bedroom a pastel or light colour. Dark painted walls make a room feel smaller, while light painted walls create the feeling of a larger room. Semi-gloss paint adds shine to the walls and reflects light. It is also simple to clean with a rag and warm soapy water. If you enjoy the darker paint colours, use one to paint one accent wall in the room. This allows you to incorporate the dark colour into the room, while not creating a smaller feeling room.


Replace your current bedding to match the paint colour, or colours, on your walls. Bedding comes in a variety of styles, colours and patterns. In a small bedroom, the largest item typically is the bed. Select bedding to match the wall colour, with minimal pattern, to make your bedroom feel larger and uncluttered. Bedding with excessive pattern and bright, bold colours will make a small bedroom feel small and cluttered. If you do not want to replace your bedding, decorate the bedroom using the colours in your current bedding.


Incorporate a floor lamp in the corner of your small bedroom. Floor lamps add a decorative touch to the room while not taking up unnecessary dresser or table space. Floor lamps come in a variety of colours and styles to match your bedroom decor

To make a small room even less cluttered, forego table and floor lamps and install sconce lamps on the wall above the bed.

Serving Tray

Place a serving tray holding your favourite items at the foot of your bed. A serving tray does not consume floor or dresser space, yet adds a decorative touch to the room and the bed. Perhaps you read at night and would like a bottle of water, your book and reading glasses within reach on your serving tray. You do not have to use the serving tray for food, of course, unless you wish to do so.

Area Rug

Place an area rug in your bedroom for an instant, dramatic, decorative touch. Area rugs do not require extra room in a small bedroom and come in a variety of sizes, colours and patterns. Lay the area rug over your existing flooring. Select area rugs with light colours or small patterns to make your bedroom look larger. Area rugs with dark colours and large patterns do not enhance the visual appeal of a small bedroom; instead they draw attention to the size of the bedroom.

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