Bollywood-Themed Party Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Whether you have Indian heritage, are a fan of Indian cinema or just have a desire to put on an exciting, extravagant event, a Bollywood-themed party can make for a memorable experience. Bollywood refers to India's Bombay-based film industry, which is known for producing epic melodramas that are laden with fanciful, flashy costuming and elaborate song and dance numbers. If you are thinking of hosting a Bollywood-themed party, there are several ideas that can help.

Music & Dancing

You can't have a Bollywood party without music and dancing, as these are two of the most integral features of virtually all Bollywood films. According to Bollywood World, while films from the 1950s focused on classical and folk styles of song and dance, modern Bollywood films now often incorporate Western elements, such as electronic beats and modern, hip-hop style dance moves. While you could play music from Bollywood films through a sound system at your party, you might also want to consider putting on a film that features this type of music, such as Baghban, Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham or Slumdog Millionaire.

Dress Code

Requiring your guests to dress in bright, flashy Bollywood-style Indian clothing is a great way to ensure the atmosphere of your party stays lively and true to the theme. For female guests, this means wearing traditional saris (or saris), which are long lengths of silk or cotton fabric that Indian women drape elaborately around their bodies. While one end of the sari covers the lower half of the body, like a skirt, the other covers the head and/or shoulders. Men at the party should dress in long, draping tunics, or sherwanis which, as Indianet Zone notes, are knee-length, tight-fitting robes or coats that feature large, ornamental buttons.


When it comes to decorating for a Bollywood party, your goal should be to combine ethnic with extravagant. Top Party Ideas recommends choosing dishware, glasses, napkins, tablecloths and other items that have intricate gold details or embroidery on them. You may also want to invest in at least one distinctly Indian display piece, such as an elephant head, which symbolises the Indian god Ganesha. If your space still does not seem to give off that Bollywood vibe, consider covering all of your furniture with boldly coloured saris or decorative silk.

Edible Options

While picking up some Indian food from a local restaurant is one strategy for feeding your guests at a Bollywood party, another option is to put your culinary skills to the test by cooking yourself. Top Party Ideas recommends whipping up some classic Indian dishes, such as samosas, which are beef-filled, triangular pastries; curries, which are plates of vegetables or meats cooked in spiced sauces---especially those containing turmeric---and long-grained basmati rice, which is a staple of Indian cuisine and a common side dish for curries.

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