The Most Awesome Tea Party Game Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Tea parties are fun, versatile engagements that appeal to both children and adults. While an adult tea party may be quieter and more sedate than a children's party, both require tea party games to liven up the celebration. Choosing the appropriate tea party depends on the age range of the participants and the cause for celebration, such as a birthday or bridal shower.

Sugar Cube Spoon Race

The experts at AmazingMoms recommend playing a sugar cube spoon race at your next tea party. Place a sugar cube on a teaspoon, and start a timer. The guests seated around the table must pass the sugar cube on the teaspoon without dropping it. This may not sound like a challenge, but pass a small teaspoon as quickly as possible while still balancing the sugar cube can be tricky. Younger guests in need of a more physical activity may prefer a relay race, with guests carrying a sugar cube on a spoon to a specific location and back before handing it off to the next teammate.

Blind Man's Bluff

Blind man's bluff was a very popular Victorian era parlour game, and has kept tea party guests entertained for over 100 years. The experts at the Old Fashioned Living website say that one guest is blindfolded, and must chase the others around the room. When she catches another guest, he has one chance to guess their identity. If he cannot, then the chase continues until a correct guess is made and the blindfold is passed to the captured player.

Garden Chess

Garden chess requires a large outdoor space and some major preparation, but is one of the most impressive tea party games. Garden chess is a chess game played on a large outdoor board, where party guests play the chess pieces according to Lenny's Alice in Wonderland website. If not enough guests are present to play all of the chess pieces, additional chess pieces can be moved by nearby players.


Lookabout is a parlour game that appeals to tea party visitors of all ages. The Old Fashioned Living website says that this Victorian Parlour Game involves guests spotting a specific item or knick-knack. The leader of the game shows the item to the guests, then hides it in an obscure but visible location while the guests are out of the room. When the guests re-entering, they must sit down as they each spot the item. The last person standing loses, and must select and hide the next item.

Find the Dormouse

If you are hosting an Alice in Wonderland themed tea party, playing Find the Dormouse will accentuate the theme and make your guests laugh. Lenny's Alice in Wonderland website recommends scattering overturned teacups and empty teapots around the table. Hide a small plush or rubber mouse in one to represent the dormouse. Let guests turn over a single cup or open a single teapot at a time, and award a small prize to the guest who finds the dormouse first. To increase the challenge, designate a "mad hatter" to scramble the cups around after each guess.

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