Things to Do for an 18th Birthday Party

Updated April 17, 2017

Your child's18th birthday is an important milestone in his life that you should celebrate accordingly. To ensure that this birthday is one he'll never forget, refrain from setting up kiddie games and handing out party hats this year and strive for something more mature. Luckily, you can celebrate this special time in so many different ways.

Take a Vacation

Plan a family vacation or send your daughter away to an amusement park with responsible friends for a nice weekend getaway. This idea is especially nice for 18-year-olds who are going away to college, since they can spend one last time going on a trip before classes start up. To surprise her with a vacation gift, wrap up things they'd take on vacation, such as sunglasses or luggage, and have your child open them. Then, as the last present, hand her the plane tickets or brochure to the hotel or travel destination.

Plan a Sleepover

Organise the birthday celebration as a dinner party, movie or game night and sleep over. This way, you can still have cake and watch your son open presents, and they can still enjoy time his friends. You'll also have the comfort of knowing your child is safe at home with you, if you feel like checking up on him. Provide an ample amount of snacks and a broad range of movies to meet everyone's tastes.

Memory Book

If you're throwing an 18th birthday party for your daughter, mail or give each of her friend's a page of a scrapbook to decorate. You can also ask close relatives to design a page. Ask them to decorate the page as a gift, then mail it or give it back to you. Place all of the pages in the scrapbook, including a page from yourself, and present it to her at the party. She'll deeply appreciate the fond memories and sharing it with friends and family.

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