Ideas for an adult pirate theme party

Updated February 21, 2017

Pirates bring out the inner child in many people, but you don't have to be a kid to party like a pirate. Throw a pirate-themed party just for the adults for a different and exciting evening. Whether your party is inspired by Captain Jack Sparrow or just a love of rum, you and your guests will have an enjoyable time at an all-adults pirate party.


A pirate-themed party isn't complete without making it a costume party. Invite your guest to dress in their finest pirate garb, including swords, hook hands, eye patches, earrings, sailor stripes and head bandannas. Award a prize for the best pirate costume.


Fill small, lidded wooden boxes with fake gems, Mardi Gras-type beads, chocolate coins and other loot. Place them around the party area and on food tables. Buy dripping candles, and place them in empty alcohol bottles or candelabras. Make pirate flags out of large pieces of fabric or paper painted with a skull and crossbones. Use barrels or wooden half-kegs for tables and stools. Take a few maps, dip them in black tea to yellow them and singe the edges with a lighter to make pirate wall decorations.

Food & Drink

Mix up some rum punch, pour it back into bottles, cover the bottles with brown paper and mark them "XX." Serve grog by mixing 1 shot of rum with 1 tsp of sugar in a mug. Pour in boiling water to fill the mug, and add a splash of lime juice. Garnish with a sprig of mint and a cinnamon stick. Serve roasted meat for a dinner party, or make trays of finger food like deli meat, chunks of torn bread and fruit for snacks. For desert try a treasure chest or skull and crossbones cake.


Ask everyone who attends the party not only to dress like a pirate, but also to talk like one. Award a prize for the best pirate accent and the best pirate attitude. After a few drinks, some of your guests might even start a few rounds of sea shanties. Stage a treasure hunt or scavenger hunt where your guests find chocolate coins or other surprises. You can also play a pirate movie or soundtrack in the background of the party.

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