Party Games for Adults & Kids

Updated February 21, 2017

Having a party in which children and adults are in attendance can sometimes be a challenge, especially if you're trying to encourage the different age groups to interact. Fortunately, there are lots of party games you can play that are appropriate for all ages. These games can be challenging and fun for kids as young as five years old and adults of all ages. Whether you're throwing a backyard barbecue or hosting a family reunion, these games are sure to get everyone laughing and smiling.


Pictionary is a classic game that is appropriate for all ages as long as the picture prompts are not generation-specific. All you need is a big pad of paper, scrap paper, a hat and a magic marker. Divide your guests into two teams of children and adults. Before the game starts, write lots of picture prompts on paper scraps and place them into a hat. Make sure the prompts are easily identifiable by all of the players, regardless of age. Possible prompts might include "New York," "polar bear," "Harry Potter," and "basketball." Avoid prompts that children will not be familiar with, such as "Lucile Ball" or "photosynthesis," as well as prompts that older people might not get, such as "Hannah Montana" or "Wii." To play, each team nominates an artist who chooses a prompt from a hat. The artist must draw the prompt without speaking, and the artist's team must guess what she has drawn to earn a point.

Egg Toss

An egg toss is a fun, slightly messy outdoor party game that's appropriate for all ages. Each guest teams up with a partner, and you should encourage adult-child pairings if possible. Give each team one raw egg and tell the teams to form two rows, with each set of partners facing each other, each row about five feet apart. One player throws the egg to his partner without breaking it. Normally this is not a problem in the first round, but after each round, each partner steps back, and the distance between the partners becomes greater. It becomes more and more difficult not to break the egg as the distance increases. If a team's egg breaks, the teams are eliminated and must spend the rest of the game as spectators. The winning team is the last team with egg intact. A slightly less messy version of this game can be played with water balloons instead of eggs.

Three-Legged Race

The three-legged race is another classic outdoor party game that involves adults and kids and is sure to inspire laughs. You'll need some sturdy rope cut into sections about four feet long. Break the guests off into teams of two, again encouraging adults and children to team up together. Choose a beginning marker and end marker with about 200 feet between them. Each team grabs a section of rope and ties one partner's right leg to the other partner's left leg. Make sure the rope is secure, but not so tight that it's uncomfortable. Each team lines up at the beginning marker and, on a judge's count, races towards the end marker. Teams must work together and coordinate their movements without falling down. The winning team is the first to cross the finish line.

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